Jun 02 2014

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Meet Miss Emma Brooke

Emma is a lovely senior dog who graced us with her presence these past few weeks. Dr. Allen remarks that Emma is a sweet and faithful companion and she is glad to know her. In fact, we are ALL glad to know Emma! Her wonderful owner told me that one beautiful July day back in 2000 when she was driving along a Snoqualmie road, she saw this little pup that appeared to be deserted, so she brought her home to give her food and water, and she ended up giving her a home (who could resist that face?). Life wasn’t always easy with Emma, she was headstrong and very powerful, so much so that one day she saw a dog approaching and she lunged towards the dog, pulling so hard that her poor owner Daryl who was holding tightly to the leash went airborne over the bush! Luckily, no one was hurt.  Daryl arranged for some training from Martha Norwalk, and Emma’s mannerisms greatly improved.

I had the privilege of giving Emma a medical bath the other day, and got to use some of our brand new – “smells really really good” shampoo and conditioner. Emma seemed to really enjoy her “spa” time. I think the warm water and healing massage therapy was good for her. Jessica helped me, and even Dr. Allen participated. Before the shampoo, I brushed Emma with a furminator, and removed enough fur to resemble a guinea pig! She has a very thick undercoat. And although Emma has cataracts now, her eyes are a gorgeous deep brown and quite beautiful. She still loves to go for walks.

Emma recently lost her beloved friend, Napoleon the doodle. They were very close, and it’s been hard on Emma, as well as her owner.

Britt's visit to Harstine (Napoleon with a crab)

Napoleon was a very amazing, sweet, and goofy dog and his passing was very sudden and unexpected. He loved getting into things he wasn’t supposed to and boy did he love cheese! Everyone here at Annotto Bay will miss Napoleon, he was so much more than just a patient to us. Dr. Allen sat with him and his owner Daryl for a long time with tears running down both their faces while they both continued to pet his curly hair. It is amazing how easily pets find their ways into our hearts. The word pet isn’t even sufficient to explain these wonderful creatures we bring into our homes and hearts, because they are so much more than that. We are everything to them, all they want is our attention and our love (and maybe some cheese) and they give us the world and fill our hearts with so much joy and love.

Emma and Napoleon Dec 2013Emma is still adjusting to life without Napoleon but she has such a wonderful owner I know she will be just fine with time. Emma is truly a special pup and we are so glad to have her be a part of our family here at Annotto Bay and look forward to seeing her sweet little face every time she comes in!







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